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Special Exhibition


The Miho Museum Painting Collection and the Heart of Japanese Art

Please note that this information pertains to an upcoming exhibition.


Exhibition Term


Exhibition Highlights

Plum Blossoms and Small Bird (detail), by Yanagisawa Kien
Edo period

Listening to Waterfall, attributed to Ma Yuan
China, Southern Song to Yuan dynasty

Shikishi Paper, by Hon’ami Kōetsu
Momoyama to Edo period

Elephant and Whale (detail), by Itō Jakuchū
Edo period, Kansei 7 (1795)

Monkey (detail)
Momoyama to Edo period

Autumn Grasses (detail), by Sakai Hōitsu
Edo period

Plum Blossoming Landscape, by Kō Fuyō
Edo period

Scenes from The Tale of Genji (detail)
Edo period

Cherry Blossoms in Saga (detail), by Yosa Buson
Edo period

Puppies (detail), by Maruyama Ōkyo
Edo period, Tenmei 5 (1785)

Yōhen Tenmoku Teabowl
China, Southern Song dynasty; Important Cultural Property

Sleeping Budai (detail), by Miyamoto Musashi
Edo period