Food From the Beauty That Nature Intended

Devised by Mokichi Okada (1882 – 1955), Shumei Natural Agriculture is an approach of natural cultivation that is completely free of additives with the exception of natural compost made of leaf fall and dried grasses. It is an approach to agriculture that harnesses the power of the soil itself through purification. Holding that nature is the great teacher, Okada developed Shumei Natural Agriculture based on a core principle of respect for and working in harmony with nature. Besides the use of pure soil, this approach is characterized by home seed saving, a love of the crops brought forth by the producers, and an appreciation for the earth. Physical and mental well-being are promoted by the appealing flavors and abundant vital energy of food made from crops grown amid the beauty that nature intended.

The Circle of Life

The natural world preserves its abundant ecosystems without agrochemicals or man-made fertilizers. The leaf fall and dried grasses in the natural compost used in Shumei Natural Agriculture provide no nutrients directly. Instead, they serve to keep the soil temperate and prevent it from hardening without drying it out. The natural compost helps soil to enrich itself. Healthy soil is the very essence of nature’s bounty. Seeds are the source of life that have been handed down since ancient times, and home seed saving allows the direct passage of seeds to future generations. Shumei Natural Agriculture preserves the beauty of the circle of life.

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