Promoting Beauty,
Peace and Joy Through Art

The Miho Museum’s collection started from the wide array of tea ceremony utensils, Shinto/Buddhist art, paintings/calligraphy, ceramics, lacquerware and other Japanese art that was collected sporadically over more than 40 years by the founder, Mihoko Koyama.
The collection eventually grew into a vision for an art museum, aligning with Koyama’s vision of promoting beauty, peace and joy through art. Meeting architect I.M. Pei turned this vision into reality, and the collection expanded to encompass ancient art from around the world.
The collection contains about 3,000 artworks from Japan and the ancient orient, of which 250 to 500 are on display at any given time.

Founder Mihoko Koyama

Architect I.M. Pei

Current Collection on Display


Main Collections


Please inquire in advance to check the period of display for individual works.