Perhaps it’s the succulent tomatoes. From the back of our palates, the refreshing energy they provide immediately fills our hearts and gives us an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

Be that as it may, the sauce is unbelievably simple. The essential ingredients consist of bright red, ripened tomatoes, Italian oil olive from the Podere Midolla Farm in Tuscany, and natural sea salt from Okinawa. First, the tomatoes are blanched, their skin and seeds removed, and the tomatoes and their juices, which have spilled over onto the cutting board, are placed into a blender. After the olive oil and salt are added, the sauce continues to be mixed until it turns into a thick orange blend. Just these ingredients alone create a lightly acidic, rich, savory flavor… We heard that the tomatoes have to be from Shumei Natural Agriculture and the oil from Podere Midolla to create this wholesome taste. Shumei Natural Agriculture, which uses neither agriculture chemicals nor fertilizers, grows amazing and tasty vegetables.

Now let’s look at the rest of the ingredients that go with this dish. The eggplants are cut into triangular prisms, fragrantly fried, and rapidly chilled by fanning. The green beans are boiled with extra salt to bring out their sweetness, and when they turn bright green, they are quickly chilled. The zucchini is mixed with olive oil and salt, then cooked with steam and quickly chilled. The decorative onions are thinly sliced to add a refreshing sweetness. Even the smallest piece of the cubed mozzarella cheese brings in a sweet, creamy taste. Fertilizers and additives have not corrupted the natural vegetables or cheese. Since the flavors are so rich, they can be seasoned simply with olive oil and salt. Above all, the olive oil is light but distinctly flavorful so it goes well with almost anything.

Finally, we come to the pasta. These slightly soft noodles are made from finely ground Canadian wheat. However, when they are boiled and quickly chilled in ice water, they have an al dente finish that can easily compete against semolina (hard, coarsely ground) flour. The delicate, full flavor of the wheat can be subtly tasted. The hands of our cooks who gently wipe off the pasta, which has been removed from the ice water, resembles the gentle way a skillful beautician handles one’s hair.

Now, the preparations have been made. The sauce, vegetables, black pepper and pasta are all mixed together and plated. Additional vegetables and pesto sauce are sprinkled and topped with the sliced onions. This dish is so irresistible.

This dish is limited to the summer season; once you have tried it you will never forget it.