To Our Visitors

The Museum adopts the following precautions against the spread of coronavirus infection based on guidelines issued by the Japan Association of Museums. We apologize for the inconvenience to visitors but ask your kind understanding and cooperation.

Please be sure to read the following instructions before planning your visit.


Requests to Visitors

• Please refrain from visiting the museum if you have a fever, cough, sore throat or headache
• Please refrain from visiting the museum if, within the past two weeks, you have visited a country or region where the coronavirus is spreading.
• Please distance yourself from other visitors by at least 1 to 2 meters.
• Please cooperate with our efforts to avoid transmitting infection by washing your hands carefully and using the sanitizer provided.
• In the galleries, please refrain from talking as much as possible.
• Do not touch the works, display cases, equipment, and walls.

Changes in Operations

As measures against the spread of the coronavirus, the Miho Museum will change its operations as follows.
We thank you for your cooperation and goodwill.

Free Electric Shuttle service curtailed
In order to assure proper social distancing on the shuttles, priority will be given to persons who have difficulty walking. We hope visitors will walk the 500 meters to the museum whenever possible.

• The number of museum shops open will be curtailed.

Museum Precautions

• Visitor temperature check prior to entrance.
• Signage to provide information on precautions.
• Hand sanitizer placed at various places.
• Extra distancing and rearrangement of seats and tables for visitor use.
• Regular and thorough sanitizing, cleaning, and ventilation of the museum galleries.
• Temperature and health checks will be conducted regularly for all staff and other persons connected with the museum, and they will practice strict hand-washing and sanitizing rules.
• Staff will wear masks, and in some cases use face shields and wear latex gloves.

[In case a COVID-19 infected person is found among visitors to the museum]

Any case of COVID-19 discovered in the museum will be reported at the Miho Museum website ( We ask that all visitors record their visiting date and time.

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