Buy Tickets Online
Please reserve and buy your tickets online from the reservation site below before your visit.

Entry Time Frames
• Five entry time frames are available on each day, as listed below. Please select your preferred time frame. You may enter anytime during the specified time frame. Exit time is not specified.
①10:00–11:00 ②11:00–12:00 ③12:00–13:00 ④13:00–14:00 ⑤14:00–15:00 ⑥15:00–16:00
• There is no limit on the number of hours you may spend in the museum after entry, but we appreciate your cooperation in avoiding overcrowding. The museum closes at 5:00 p.m.
Entry to the museum is likely to be crowded at the beginning of each entry time frame. Feel free to arrive at any time during your specified time frame.
• The number of reservation vouchers available for each time frame is limited.
• As long as there are vouchers available, same-day reservations may be made up until the specified entry time.

Please note: Sales and/or reservation will begin every Tuesday for visits of seven days from following Tuesday.

Advanced Ticket Purchase Not Required For:
・Museum menbers
・Visitors with comp tickets
・Visitors with disabilities
・Children under 12
*However, we may not be able to accommodate you on the dates below so please contact us before your visit.

For Those Having Difficulty with Online Reservations:
・It is fine to ask a fellow visitor or family member to make the reservation on your behalf.
・If you cannot have a reservation made on your behalf, please purchase a same-day ticket at the ticket counter in the Reception Pavilion.
*Same-day tickets will not be available on the following days.
August 7

Inquiries: (81)748-82-3411; by

Please Note
Reservations may not be canceled or changed after the application is submitted (unless the museum itself closes).
・Each person may purchase up to five tickets along with date- and time-specific reservation vouchers or up to five date- and time-specific reservation vouchers.
・Resale of Miho Museum tickets for profit is prohibited.

Procedure on the day of your visit
・When you arrive at the museum, please show the staff either digital copy of your reservation voucher on your smart phone or other device or bring a print-out of that page. Those without proof of their reservation will not be allowed to enter the museum.
・Miho Museum Members, recipients of free tickets, visitors with disabilities, and others eligible to enter the museum free of charge do not need to make date- and time-specific reservations in advance.But please submit your Membership ID card or the free ticket you received on your visit. Visitors with disabilities should show their disability certificate. If you do not have your relevant ID, you may be asked to pay the regular fee.
・University and high school students should be sure to bring their student ID.

Please note: Sales and/or reservation will begin every Tuesday for visits of seven days from following Tuesday.