Miho bread is made with home-cultivated yeast
made from various fruits produced by
the Shumei Natural Agriculture approach

Pure soil and seed

Cultivated in Canada,
the wheat used in our bread contains no agro-chemicals or fertilizers.
Shumei Natural Agriculture is a gift from nature.

The wheat started out as a pure, tiny seedling.
It grows in a natural environment; seeds are saved every year.
The seed not only connects to one species but to the future of all living beings.

About Shumei Natural Agriculture

Replication of the ecosystem

Butter is produced in Kumamoto.
Cattle graze in the pasture,
and therefore imported feeds are not required.

Living in a vast area day by day,
the cows nurtured by green pastures produce great tasting milk.

Dedication of the artisans and the power of the yeast

What’s in Miho breads?
Natural Agriculture fruit is fermented to make yeast,
along with artisans’ desire to please visitors.

The untainted yeast adds a subtle sweetness and sour aroma to the baked goods.

Our bread is available for purchase at the Reception Pavilion.
An eating area is available for you to enjoy your purchase.