• Shigaraki kiln, Shiga pref.
  • Early Muromachi period
  • 15c
  • Shigaraki ware, natural ash glaze
  • H-26.2 D-23
Catalogue Entry

Early Muromachi period, 15th century
Shigaraki ware, natural ash glaze
Height, 26.2cm; mouth diameter, 11.3cm;
torso diameter, 23.0cm; base diameter, 15.0cm

This type of small jar form unique to the Shigaraki kilns is generally called an uzukumaru, or squat shape, and this is a relatively large example of the type. The short, outward-turning vertical mouth and neck area has a double-layered mouth, a technique frequently seen in this type of small jar. This jar is not decorated with the brush fence pattern often seen on these uzukumaru jars. However, the straight-sided mouth edge and the swell of the shoulders above the torso's form represent a strongly defined work. Well-fired, the brown-colored fire pattern covers the entire surface and a flow of dark green natural ash glaze extends from the mouth edge to the base. This dark green natural ash glaze makes a splendid contrast with the dark brown surface color created by the pot's positioning behind the flames. SN