Fresh Water Jar

  • Tokoname kiln, Aichi pref.
  • Kamakura period
  • 13c
  • Tokoname ware, natural ash glaze
  • H-14.5 D-34
    Formerly in the collection of Kitaoji Rosanjin, Matsunaga Jian
Catalogue Entry

This spouted Tokoname ware bowl was transformed into a mizusashi fresh water jar for the tea ceremony. This is a coarse, typical of the yama‐jawan form and the joints where the coiled clay of the body were layered to make the torso give this bowl a powerful impression. Pools of natural green glaze formed in the interior of the bowl, creating a stunning affect. When filled with water, the glaze in indentions in the bowl turn as beautiful as a sea‐scape, expansive and refreshing in feel. Formerly in the collections of Kitaoji Rosanjin and Matsunaga Jian.