Nezumi Shino Mukozuke Dishes

  • Mino kiln, Gifu pref.
  • Momoyama period
  • 16c
  • Mino ware, Nezumi-shino type
  • H-5.8 D-14 W-14
Catalogue Entry

Set of 5 dishes
Momoyama period, 16th century
Nezumi-Shino ware
Height, 5.8cm; mouth diameter, 14.0-14.2cm

These are well-known and representative examples of Nezumi-Shino ware mukozuke dishes and are said originally to have been part of a set of 10 dishes. The Nezumi-Shino, or "Mouse Shino," ware name comes from the fact that these wares, which have been coated in an iron-rich slip called oni'ita and then scraped with patterns, frequently fire to a bluish gray "mouse" color. However, the present mukozuke dishes have fired to a deep reddish-brown color. Further, these dishes have some of the most vividly depicted motifs seen in this type of mukozuke dish and their white forms contrast splendidly with the surrounding color.

The interiors of these dishes have circular bottoms and wide flanges which were turned in to form a smoothed square with a slightly inward-turning lip. As the interior spaces that would have held food are quite small, it is apparent that these dishes held a largely decorative function. This kind of expansive creativity is clearly representative of Momoyama tastes. 3 feet are fitted to the bottom of each dish, and large sagger marks remain between the feet. TA