Shino Square Mukozuke

  • Mino kiln, Gifu pref.
  • Momoyama period
  • 16th century
  • Mino ware, Shino type
  • H-9.2 D-9 W-8.5
Catalogue Entry

Set of 5 dishes
Momoyama period, 16th century
Shino ware
Height, 9.2cm; mouth diameter, 8.5cm

After being wheel-thrown, these cylindrical mukozuke dishes were given a square, indented corner form. The bottom of the interior is carved with the shallow circular form that is called the gokezoko bottom. The exterior sides of these bowls have been decorated with an array of jakago openwork basket motifs, yoraku jewel strings motifs, a violet plant motif, and a plant motif that resembles irises. These motifs have all been drawn in the distinctive, flowing brushwork of Shino ware, and their colors fired to vivid clarity. Quite often Shino ware and Kiseto ware sets of dishes have been divided into individual dishes (cat no. 90), and there are very few sets of 5 dishes that have come down through the centuries as intact sets. The center of the carved area of the interior bottom has been left un-glazed, and this exposes the soft white clay body particular to the Mino region. TA