Set of Dishes with Egret Design

  • Arita kiln, Saga pref.
  • Edo period
  • 17c
  • Arita ware, Imari (Suisaka) type, iron glaze
  • H-4.2 D-14
Catalogue Entry

This type of ware was formerly called Suisaka ware, but shards of this same type have been excavated from the Yamagoya kiln and other sites in Arita. Thinly formed on the wheel, the edges of these dishes were then pinched into four corners. These features combine with a high, carved foot to create an elegant dish design. The entire dish has been covered with iron glaze, and two white egrets are shown in a patch of white, unglazed clay left on the front of each dish. The details of the birds, their feathers and expressions, are drawn in underglaze blue. The shape of these dishes blend perfectly with the unpretentious underglaze blue decoration. The ware is particularly well excuted for this type of ware and the matched set of five dishes is a rare example of the ware. Dishes thought to have been fired at the same kiln are also found in the Te‐kisui Museum in Ashiya city, Hyogo prefecture.