Large Jar

  • Shigaraki kiln, Shiga pref.
  • Muromachi period
  • 15c
  • Shigaraki ware
  • H-50.7 D-41
Catalogue Entry

Muromachi Period, 15th century
H. 50.7, MD. 15.7, TD. 40.5, BD. 16.5
Miho Museum, Shiga
This jar has a short, everted neck with a turned back, rolled rim. Built from four layers of coiled clay, this jar is regularly shaped and of the long torso type. Well-fired, the clay surface is a glossy brown color, and the ash fall has created a sesame seed-like finish on the shoulders, while the side of the jar which faced the fire has a large scorch mark with surrounding flow of bright green natural ash glaze. Traces of the glaze trailing away from the central glaze area and into the sides of the jar speak of the fierceness of the flames. The base has an indented geta-in clog mark. This jar has the same workmanship as the jar exhibited at No. 121 (Miho Museum collection.)