Large Jar

  • Shigaraki kiln, Shiga pref.
  • Early Muromachi period
  • 15c
  • Shigaraki ware, natural ash glaze
  • H-52.3 D-41
Catalogue Entry

Muromachi Period, 15th century
H. 52.3, MD. 15.8, TD. 41.0, BD. 16.5
Miho Museum, Shiga
While one section of the everted neck has broken away, the rim of this jar has been carefully formed in a turned back edge. The jar has been well-fired overall and displays a dark brown surface color. The shoulders have been dotted with a sesame seed-like ash fall, while a brown-streaked green natural ash glaze flows over the mouth and neck area to the bottom of the torso on the side of the jar which faced the flames. The base has an indented geta-in clog mark. Even though it has lost a section of its neck-mouth construct, this is a typical example of the long torso jar shape.