Water Basin with Chrysanthemum and Paulownia Design

  • Momoyama period
  • Black lacquered wood with gold maki-e decoration
  • H-20.2 D-44
Catalogue Entry

Momoyama period, 16th century
Height, 20.2cm; mouth diameter, 43.7cm

Water basin coated overall in black lacquer. The mouth-edge, foot, and handle areas are lined with gilt bronze fittings. The handle areas are in the form of a squared handle water basin, and there were 2 handles. Today these handles have been lost, the interior is lined with gilt bronze, and the basin has been used as a fire brazier.

This water basin with handles was originally part of a Momoyama period toiletry set, used in combination with a hot water bucket. The makie decorations on the side surfaces are a typical example of paulownia crests in Kodaiji makie technique. The gold hiramakie has enashiji pattern-ing, and a combination of kaki-wari, tsuke-gaki and hari-gaki. The paulownia crests have worm-hole patterning, and all of these elements are indicative of the Kodaiji style of makie decoration. AH