Stem Bottle

  • Possibly Syria
  • 4th - 5th centuries
  • Glass
  • H-21.3 D-7
Catalogue Entry

This clear, blown‐glass bottle has a shallow striped pattern at its torso. The mouth is straight and the neck is long, while the foot is carefully attached to the body. The swelling torso flows in a smooth line to the foot.

The surface of this bottle has oxidized into a light rainbow color. At one time the jar was buried and quite a bit of this surface oxidation came off when the dirt was washed from it. This left the surface of the bottle with pits and protuberances. The glass surface is also slightly bubbled and grazed where the oxidation bit into the surface.

The bottle has an overall slim, beautiful form. Unlike the examples of Roman glass created for everyday use, there are very few works which can compare to this piece.