One Hundred Lines No. 99 by Wakabayashi Isamu

  • Jan. 23, 1992
  • Iron, lead, brass
  • H-4 D-10
Catalogue Entry

Wakabayashi Isamu (b. 1936) is a sculptor born in Tokyo and graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He continues to create deeply resonant works from iron which can be seen as sections of natural, organic things. He has held numerous one‐man shows at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto. He has also created gardens for the Karuizawa Takanawa Art Museum and the Misono of the Shinji Shumeikai.

These two works fitted with lids are numbers 99 and 100 in a series of “100 Lines" begun in 1983. While these works can be generally seen as miniatures created in the process of making larger art works, in Wakabayashi's case, his psychological grasp of the material means that he sees his works as life‐size.

One Hundred Lines No. 100 by Wakabayashi Isamu