Nagaremon Sandogasa] (Wanderer), by Nagare Masayuki

  • 20c
  • Bronze
  • H-13.8 D-5 W-4.8
Catalogue Entry

Nagare Masayuki (b. 1923) is a sculptor and garden designer. His studio is located in Aji, Kagawa prefecture. His Cloud Fortress in the central garden of the World Trade Center, New York, and his Nobori in the lobby of IBM Japan's headquarters are two of the many impressive monumental works in collections both in Japan and abroad. His intentional use of the rough, splintered surface of stone are found in many of his unique, folk‐art like works.

The majority of his works are of a scale suited to their urban or natural environments, and this work has a power that seems to expand past human scale. This sculpture looks like the form of a traveler with their straw hats turned toward the wind, indeed of the artist himself.