Fragment of Poem Anthology Reikashu, known as KOSHIGIRE by Fujiwara no Kinto

  • Heian period
  • 11c
  • Hanging scroll, ink on paper
  • H-21.1 W-12.5
Catalogue Entry

The writing on incense wrappers with subtle fragrance was traditionally said to be that of Ko‐Ogimi, but there are no records to confirm the writer's identity. Today the extant fragments of incense wrappers are thought to have been written by a number of different calligraphers and the Miho fragment is like the majority of these fragments in that its writing style consists of wildly extravagant, but delicate lines.

The anthology was mentioned in the preface to an 11th century poetry anthology and that preface states that the editor of the Go‐shui Wakashu anthology was unknown as early as the 11th century. But this prologue remakrs that it is an elegant collection of poems which should be remembered. It seems that this anthology was an imperially selected collection of famous poems, but today it is scattered in several fragments.

This poem was written by Daichunagon Yoshinobu, one of the so‐called Thirty‐six Famous Poets. This poet is known for compiling his own poetic offerings during the reigns of Emperors En'yu and Kazan. This poem is described in the anthologies of the thirty‐six poets and speaks of glimpsing the wisteria blossoms stuck through the edges of the palace blinds.