Shallow mosaic glass bowl

  • Eastern Mediterranean
  • 2nd - 1st century B.C.
  • Glass
  • H-3.2 D-13
Catalogue Entry

A shallow basin cast from mosaic glass fragments aligned in the mold. The mouth rim stands up slightly, while the rounded vessel walls make a smooth transition to the base. The vessel body is made up of cut slices of fused yellowish brown translucent, purple translucent and white glass, which have been combined into four types of swirl and stripe patterns. Opaque fragments of yellow, white, blue and yellowish green glass have been scattered among the mosaic pieces. A band of yellowish brown translucent glass wrapped in a radiating pattern of white glass has been adhered to the mouth edge. Both inner and outer surfaces have been polished to a smooth finish. The swirling and striped patterns of translucent and opaque glass were some creates a variety of different affects on the vessel surface of the distinctive motifs of the Hellenistic period. The combination of translucent and opaque glass.