Large Vat

  • Shigaraki kiln, Shiga pref.
  • Muromachi period
  • 15c
  • Shigaraki ware
  • H-53.5 D-42
    Formerly in the collection of Shirasu Masako
Catalogue Entry

Muromachi Period, 15th century
H. 53.5, MD. 28.1, TD. 41.6, BD. 16.0
This vat is extremely famous for having been formerly in the collection of the late Shirasu Masako. The very short neck is bent back to form a step before opening upward to a wide mouth. The interior of the mouth is circled by a single groove. This vat is slim-shaped and small for its type. The clay contains a great deal of feldsparand silica fragments and charcoal inclusions―the typically rough form of Shigaraki clay. The feldspar particles have all melted and the vat has been relatively well-fired. The ash from the kiln has fallen on the shoulder and mid torso area to create a dry whitish appearance. The red fire color is vivid. Here and there the depressions caused by the burn off of organic material in the clay have left large pits in the surface of the vessel. A large stone burst peeps out of the interior of the mouth surface. The controlled shape with its constricted mouth construct and small base makes this pot one of the superior examples of vats. Built from five layers of coiled clay, this vat has a flat base.