Tea Bowl with Iron Underglaze Flower Design, by Suda Kokuta

  • 20c
  • H-7.2 D-16
Catalogue Entry

Suda Kokuta (1906‐1990) was a western style painter from Saitama prefecture. After graduating from middle school, Suda set out to teach himself oil painting. His painting style resonates with the primitive and elements of Asian philosophy, particularly Dogen's Shobo Genzo. His expressive power extended beyond the limits of simple abstract expression, creating instead forms which grasp the truth of his object. Suda's expressive world was not limited to paintings, he also created ceramic Buddhist images. This tea bowl, however, is quite rare for Suda. Here, underglaze iron paintings of plum blossoms, irises and bellflowers decorate the bowl, while a single line circles its mouth. The bold, broad brushstrokes are eminently Suda‐like in character.