Set of Small Dishes with Inscription

  • Tamba kiln, Hyogo pref.
  • Edo period
  • 19c
  • Tamba ware
  • H-3 D-15
Catalogue Entry

Tanba ware is the name given to a largely folk ware‐like group of wares produced from the Kamakura period through the present day in the Taki‐gun and Hikani‐gun of Hyogo prefecture. These dishes, along with similar sake bottles, would have been mass produced in Tachikui of Tanba, and would have been ordered by the pubs and soba shops near Sumiyoshi Shrine in Osaka. Each would be coated in black glaze and then specifically decorated with the commissioning shop's name and emblem. There are also extremely rare examples of black lettering on a white ground. The unpretentious, generously brushed characters produced over and over again by skilled craftsmen are highly regarded by their collectors. These works have a fascinating, healthy, and simple quality, unlike the mechanical feel of today's more mass produced wares.