E-Karatsu Bowl with Spout

  • Karatsu kiln, Saga pref.
  • Momoyama to Edo period
  • 17th century
  • Karatsu ware, E-garatsu type
  • H-10.5 D-18 W-19.3
Catalogue Entry

Bowls with single spouts, as here, are used to transfer liquids from a larger container. A section of the spout on this Karatsu ware bowl has been damaged, but the glaze formed over the split indicates that this damage occurred in the kiln. The bend in the torso is also extremely natural in feel. This bowl could be used as a serving dish for food, or for serving sake at a large gathering, each would be an elegant addition to the setting. The swiftly drawn circle brushed on the bowl's torso would recall the moon in certain evening settings.