Pomegranate-shaped Ja (20), Fish-shaped Vessel (21)

  • Egypt
  • 20. 13th - 12th B.C., 21. 15th - 14th B.C.
Catalogue Entry / Pomegranate-shaped Vessel

The body of this jar is almost globular in shape, with a narrow, long, vertical-sided neck which opens at its mouth to spread into 8 divisions. Overall the jar has been coated in a turquoise colored glaze and the rounded tips of the mouth have been outlined in black.

Catalogue Entry / Fish-shaped Vessel

Vessel made in the shape of the Tilapia nilotica fish which is commonly found in the Nile River. This fish was greatly loved by the ancient Egyptians and it was used as a decorative motif on a variety of materials including stone, ceramics and glass. Here the fish has been fully finished with its turquoise glaze covering touched with black pigment depicting eyes and scales. One surface is lightly hollowed and this vessel is thought to have been used as a palette for the mixing of cosmetic perfume, eye shadow or other powders and water or oil.