Small Jar with Two Handles

  • Eastern Mediterranean
  • 5th century B.C.
Catalogue Entry

Vessel made of dark green core-formed glass. The body is cylindrical and flat round tray-shaped mouth rim has been attached to its short neck. A pair of dark green glass handles of the same type as those seen above on cat. No. 33 are attached just below the shoulders of the vessel (one handle has partial later additions). The base is relatively rounded. Yellow and turquoise threads wrap in threads around the body from directly below the mouth to the base and shifts up and down into a zigzag pattern. There is also one thread of yellow glass around the mouth of the jar. Modeled after the Greek vessel type the alabastron, this jar would have been used to hold the perfumed oils. Greek ceramics depict images of women carrying this type of jar suspended from a cord run through the two handles.