• Eastern Mediterranean
  • 4th - 3rd centuries B.C.
Catalogue Entry

Vessel made from cobalt core-formed glass. The basic shape of this vessel is the same as that of cat. Nos. 31, 32 above, but here the body is more cylindrical in shape and a thin disk base has been applied to its wide base. The U-shaped single handle is made of cobalt glass. A swirling pattern of yellow, white and turquoise glass threads extends from the shoulder to the base, with the upper section of this design only looping up into a festoon, while the lower section is a feather pattern of strokes moving up and down. Slight traces of the grooves made when this pattern was applied remain on the surface. A yellow threads of glass forms a spiraling pattern around the neck and separate threads of yellow circle the edges of the mouth rim and base. All of these designs have not been fully fired into the vessel body and remain as raised patterns on its surface.