• Iran
  • 8th - 6th centuries B.C.
Catalogue Entry

A strand of 41 beads. Thirty-six of the beads have 14 faces, there are two hexagonal pillar shaped beads, one round disk-shaped bead, one semi-spherical bead, and one spherical bead. The 14-face beads and the hexagonal pillar beads are made of translucent pale yellowish-green glass. The surfaces of the majority of them are covered in a whitish weathering, and underneath the weathering the surface of the glass is bumpy with damage. Some of the beads are so weathered that their original shape is not apparent, while there are others which became beautifully iridescent. They are thought to have been molded. These beads are probably related to the molded, monochromatic translucent glass which was first made around the middle of the 8th century BC in West Asia.