Eye Beads

  • Mediterranean region
  • 6th - 2nd centuries B.C.
40.Eye Beads (outside)

A strand of 61 eye beads. The cobalt body has either a double layer or four layer concentric pattern in yellow or white and cobalt. These concentric patterns were made by circling yellow or white threads of glass around the surface of a cobalt colored bead, with the cobalt appearing in the center of the design actually the body color of the bead. Both the yellow and white glass have become extremely weathered and there are many examples where the yellow and white cords have flaked from the surface and traces of grooves remain in their place.

Catalogue Entry

Eye beads (13), circular pattern beads (1), vertical rib pattern bead (1), and plain beads (4) are all threaded on a bronze circlet. The eye beads have cobalt colored bodies and a double concentric pattern of white and cobalt circles attached to the body. The circular pattern beads have a turquoise body with an attached cobalt circle. One cobalt colored bead has a ribbed pattern of narrow vertical ribs carved into its surface. The plain beads are made of, respectively, cobalt, turquoise, translucent green, and translucent turquoise glass.