Eye Beads

  • Mediterranean region
  • 5th century BC, 4th century BC
45.Eye Beads (left)

Strand of 36 eye beads and 18 plain beads. The eye beads have either a pale blue body or a blue body and have attached double layer concentric patterns in white and blue. The plain beads are made of blue glass.

46.Eye Beads (right)

Strand of 41 eye beads and 40 plain beads. There are two types of eye beads. The first has a semi-translucent white glass body with fused cords of opaque white glass making irregularly arranged, parallel striped patterns on the bead surface. A concentric pattern was then attached on top of this stripe pattern. The concentric pattern is made up of layers of brown, white and blue glass. The other type has a semi-translucent white body with three layer concentric patterns attached in blue and white. The plain beads are made of blue glass.