Head Beads

  • Phoenicia or Carthage
  • 5th - 3rd centuries B.C.
Catalogue Entry

Cylindrical bead with three human faces attached. The turquoise glass bead body has cobalt and white faces attached to it. The eyes of all three faces are expressed in cobalt and white, while the noses of each face are the color of their own face, and the colors of the other features differ depending on the face. The yellow face has cobalt eyebrows, a white mouth, yellow ears, and white earrings. The cobalt face has white eyebrows and mouth, cobalt ears and white earrings. The white face has blue eyebrows, yellow mouth, white ears and cobalt earrings. Rows of small protruberances are above and below the faces, with one row yellow and one row white on each side. The expression of the faces accords with that found in the head pendants and it is thought that they were made by the same tradition.