Hexagonal Bottle with Masks Design, Head Flask

  • Eastern Mediterranean or Italy
  • 146. 1st century A.D., 154. 3rd - 4th centuries A.D.
Catalogue Entry

This bottle was blown from blue semi-translucent glass and then molded in a two-part mold down to its base. The body of the bottle is divided into six surfaces, and a human face mask is shown in relief on each surface. The first face has hair hanging down to right and left, while the second face has hair drawn from the temples up to the right and left, while the third face is bald with a beard. These three face types make one set which is then repeated on the other side of the bottle. This bottle is thought to have been used to hold perfumed oils.

Catalogue Entry

Bottle blown from greenish translucent glass which was then formed in a two-part mold. It is thought that there was no bottom mold. The bottom is hollowed. The faces differ front to back, and the free-blown neck which rises from the faces is bent back at the mouth rim. The bottle is covered with a yellow-gold colored iridescence overall.