Cup with Attached Foot

  • Eastern Mediterranean or Italy
  • 5th - 6th centuries A.D.
Catalogue Entry

Free-blown from cobalt semi-translucent glass, this cup has a separately formed foot. This mouth edge opens slightly, and on three sides of the sloping body a decorative pattern of wavy glass cords extends to the top of the foot. The center of the foot has a hollow depression, and it looks like a glass cord has been wrapped around the inside of the point of attachment between the torso and the foot. At some point this cup was repaired after being broken into many pieces, and pieces of plastic were inlaid to replace the areas of glass which are missing. Also, the foot was repaired after being broken off, but the seams are continuous, and even examination under a microscope reveals that the surfaces of the body and the foot are almost exactly the same. Given that the decorative patterns on the foot are the same as those on the body, it is believed that the foot is original to the cup. The cobalt color is lovely, and the ample size of the cup is well suited to its elegant decoration.