Rubbing of a Buddha's Halo

  • Guyangdong Cave
  • Paper
  • H-163.4 W-111.1
    Longmen Caves Research Institute
Catalogue Entry

Guyangdong Cave/ 163.4×111.1 cm/ Longmen Caves Research Institute
This rubbing was taken from the halo of the Buddha in the niche commissioned by Yang Dayan, namely the 2nd niche on the 3rd level of the north wall of the Guyangdong cave. The inscription on the niche, loosely translated, states "had worked to suppress the southern dynasty and then returned to Que." It is thought that the inscription refers to an incident described in the Weishu regarding Yang Dayan's suppression of Pei Quanshu, the Regional Inspector of Yuzhou for the Southern Qi, and that this niche was carved slightly after the event, which took place in 500. The shape and style of the niche, the sculptural style of the Buddha image for this halo, and the drapery styles seen here are all in the sculptural style of the Yungang Caves. This indicates that the image is from the 1st fruitful period of work in the Guyangdong Cave, begun around the time when the Northern Wei capital moved to Luoyang.