Rubbing of a Donor Procession

  • Guyangdong Cave
  • Paper
  • H-26 W-137
    Longmen Caves Research Institute
Catalogue Entry

Guyangdong Cave/ 26.0×137.0 cm/ Longmen Caves Research Institute
This donor procession is carved beneath the sculptural niche commissioned by Yuan Xie, Prince of Anding, located on the south wall of the Guyangdong Cave. The procession is near and slightly above the right bodhisattva of the figural grouping on the main wall of the cave. This Yuan Xie niche was commissioned in the second month of Zhengshi 4 (507) to pray for the salvation of his grandmother Lady Meng (consort of Emperor Jingmu), and Yuan Xie's father Jing, namely Yuan Xiu, Prince of Anding, who had died in Taihe 18 (494), and Yuan Xie's mother Lady Jiang. The donor procession shows two crowned princes, with attendants, to the right of the inscription and three women with their hair bound in topknots, with attendants, to the left of the inscription. This sculptural niche shows a Buddha seated with legs pendant in a Buddhist temple with a hip-gable roof topped with a phoenix. Bodhisattvas are seen on either side of the Buddha and each side of the Buddha priests carving are shown on the wall between the Buddha and each bodhisattva. These sculptures were created during the 2nd fruitful phase of work on the Guyangdong Cave.