Fragment of a Relief with a Donor Procession

  • Guyangdong Cave
  • Northern Wei dynasty
  • 6c
  • Limestone
  • H-23.7 W-46.7
    Yamaguchi Collection Osaka Municipal Museum of Art
Catalogue Entry

Limestone/ Guyangdong Cave, Northern Wei dynasty, Yongping 4 (511)/
H. 23.7 cm; W. 46.7 cm/ Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, Yamaguchi Collection
This relief carving was located beneath the bodhisattva in crossed-ankle pose in the 2nd niche on the 2nd level of the north wall of the Guyangdong Cave. The procession is led by a priest holding a large flower basket with both hands, followed by three princes wearing crowns, and two attendants, carrying a parasol and fan respectively. The names of the figures are incised above, with the name "Biqiu Faxhishi" above the priest, and above the princes, from the left, "Faxungwang," "Faweiwang," and "Fasongwang." The inscription indicates, that on the 16th day of the 10th month of Yongping 4 (511), Prince Xie of Anding who had been Regional Inspector of Huazhou, ordered the carving of a sculptural niche with a Bodhisattva in crossed-ankle pose in memory of his deceased ancestors and parents. This sculpture dates from the 2nd period of activity at the Guyangdong Cave.