Stupa with Buddha on Four Sides

  • Excavated from the West Hill
  • Tang dynasty
  • 9c
  • Limestone
  • H-54.8 D-57.6
    Longmen Caves Research Institute)
Catalogue Entry

Limestone/ Excavated from the West Hill, Tang dynasty, Dazhong 4 (850)/
H. 54.8 cm; Dia. 57.6 cm/ Longmen Caves Research Institute
The lower section of this four-sided "dhvaja" style stupa has one niche on each side, namely a niche with a Buddha triad accompanied by two deities, a niche with a Buddha triad, a niche with a Buddha with pendant legs, and a niche with a Buddha triad. The upper section is carved with three Buddhist sutras―the Fodingzunsheng-tuoluoni dharani, Guangdafalouge-tuoluoni dharani, and Dalunjingang-tuoluoni dharani― and the dedicatory inscription. According to this dedicatory inscription, this stupa was erected in the cemetery on the northeast side of the Tianzhusi temple site built by priest Huaize of the Shengshansi temple, Luoyang. This stupa was dedicated by Huaize's disciple, priest Shaoming, on the 10th day of the 5th month of Dazhong 4 (850). Stylistic elements in the figures, such as the heads proportionally larger than their respective bodies and eyes with outer edges raised, fully convey the Tang style of the mid-9th century.