Seated Buddha

  • Excavated from the Fengxiansi Temple Site
  • Tang dynasty
  • Limestone
  • H-103.5
    Longmen Caves Research Institute
Catalogue Entry

Limestone/ Excavated from the Fengxiansi Temple Site, Tang dynasty/
Overall H. 103.5 cm; Fig. H. 66.0 cm/ Longmen Caves Research Institute
This image was excavated during public road construction in 1958. The Buddha wears a robe draped across both shoulders and spread open at the base of the chest. The ends of the undergarment can be seen at the base of the chest and the knotted cords of this undergarment are depicted. The right hand is raised with palm facing forward (all fingers lost). The left arm is lowered, with hand palm-down on the left knee and all fingers extended. The figure sits in padmasana pose with right foot forward on top of a lotus pedestal made up of a cylindrical pedestal pillar and multi-petaled lower lotus layer with bottom frame. Judging from the style of the work, it can be surmised that this image was created in the beginning of the 8th century.