Offering Plaques

  • ca. 5th century B.C.
  • Gold
Catalogue Entry

ca. 5th century B.C.
(a)H. 22.6 cm, W. 5.5 cm(b)H. 13.8 cm, W. 4.6 cm
cH. 2.3 cm, W. 1.9 cm(d)H. 2.0 cm, W. 1.0 cm
(e)H. 2.4 cm, W. 1.3 cm(f)H. 3.3 cm, W. 1.6 cm
(g)H. 4.5 cm, W. 2.2 cm(h)H. 2.1 cm, W. 1.0 cm
(i)H. 3.1 cm, W. 1.3 cm(j)H. 2.6 cm, W. 1.4 cm
(k)H. 2.0 cm, W. 0.6 cm
These gold sheets are inscribed with the figures of priests carrying barsoms and wearing belted tunics. Plaques a and I show the same form as the figure on Plaques 65 c, d, while Plaque 65 b's figure is carrying a flower in addition to the barsoms, and Plaque j is shown carrying a cup in his other hand. The kandys is placed over the shoulders of the figure on Plaque j.