Offering Plaques

  • 3rd - 2nd century B.C.
  • Gold
Catalogue Entry

3rd‐2nd century B.C.
(a)H. 10.9 cm, W. 5.1 cm(b)H. 3.5 cm, W. 2.3 cm
cH. 3.6 cm, W. 2.2 cm(d)H. 3.4 cm, W. 1.9 cm
(e)H. 2.7 cm, W. 1.6 cm
These gold sheets show images of figures surrounded by a framework of some sort. Plaque a is a rectangular gold sheet which has a male figure pressed into its center. He wears a chiton and himation and is facing to the right. There is a framework of flower petals around him (Ionic oval form) creating a vertical rectangular dais-shaped frame. The male figure has his right arm pressed to his chest while his left arm is bent at the elbow and raised in a worshipping pose. His head is crowned with a floral coronet, and a rectangular, linear frame is incised around the edges of the plaque to create a further framing of the image. Plaques b and c are gold sheets that have been pressed and sculpted with images of a human figure with long hair facing to the left and arms extended forward. Each of these figures is enclosed in a rectangular frame. With the exception of the bottom edge, three edges of these sheets are incised with a simplified frame design, like that seen in Plaque a. Plaque d shows a pressed image of a woman facing to the left, and wearing a pleated kilt and round earrings. She offers something with her right hand.