Offering Plaques

  • 5th - 2nd century B.C.
  • Gold
Catalogue Entry

3rd‐2nd century B.C.
(a)H. 5.7 cm, W. 3.6 cm(b)H. 5.8 cm, W. 3.6 cm
cH. 2.3 cm, W. 1.5 cm
Plaques a and b show pressed and linear incised images of priests or gods facing to the left on rectangular gold sheets. The figures' heads are covered with sharply pointed hats, and they each hold a Dionysian staff, or thyrsos, topped with a ball and with ribbons hanging from their end. Plaque b also has a caduceus, or two entwined snakes on the right side of the figure. Plaques a and b both have a framework of rounded short tubular forms around their edges. Plaque c is a rectangular gold sheet with a pressed image of a god or priest shown facing the left. The right hand of this figure holds a shepherd's crook with rounded end, and his head is topped by a crown with a sharply protruding pointed front. The figure wears a kilt and is nude from the waist up.