• 3rd - 2nd century B.C.
  • Gold
Catalogue Entry

3rd‐2nd century B.C.
Gold (f : Gilded bronze; r, u : Gold plated silver)
(a)H. 1.5 cm, W. 1.6 cm(b)H. 3.4 cm, W. 3.2 cm
cH. 2.5 cm, W. 2.8 cm(d)H. 2.6 cm, W. 2.7 cm
(e)H. 1.6 cm, W. 1.2 cm(f)H. 3.8 cm, W. 3.6 cm
(g)H. 1.5 cm, W. 1.6 cm(h)H. 1.9 cm, W. 2.0 cm
(i)H. 2.1 cm, W. 1.9 cm(j)H. 2.0 cm, W. 1.7 cm
(k)H. 2.0 cm, W. 2.0 cm(l)H. 3.0 cm, W. 3.0 cm
(m)H. 1.8 cm, W. 1.8 cm(n)H. 2.4 cm, W. 2.4 cm
(o)H. 2.9 cm, W. 3.0 cm(p)H. 1.5 cm, W. 1.6 cm
(q)H. 2.1 cm, W. 1.7 cmRH. 4.2 cm, W. 4.0 cm
(s)H. 2.3 cm, W. 2.0 cm(t)H. 3.2 cm, W. 3.9 cm
(u)H. 2.6 cm, W. 2.6 cm
(a), (b) These earrings were formed from gold sheets rounded into spiral forms. Earring b is of the same type as seen at cat. No. 177, and it is possible that both earrings a and b were used to clasp bunches of hair or ribbons.
c, (d) Gold tubes were formed into circles and then formed into cornices. Each earring has a fastener. Granules decoration fills in the hollows of the cornice on earring d.
(e) Sixteen small balls are attached to the outer edge of the circle. One of these small balls is missing.
(f) A bronze ring is decorated with four small gold plated balls.
(g) One end of the gold wire has been thinned and formed into a flattened spiral shape.
(h), (i) A gold ring has been flattened, with earring h decorated with small incised dots and lines, while earring I is decorated with incised lines.
(j), (k) These are both rings of braided gold wire, earring j has been flattened, while earring k has both ends of the wire covered with caps.
(l) A flat circle is decorated with granules, and teardrop-shaped settings are placed at both ends of the ring for inlaid gem or glass.
(m) A gold sheet has been made into a flat circle with an attached fastener.
(n)-(p) Rings decorated with fine dotting. Earring p has a fastener.
(q) This ring is made in linked bead shape, with small circles for attaching pendants.
R-(t) The ends of each gold wire has been thinned and formed into a circle. These circles are formed into "ω" forms on earrings r and t.
(u) Made of gold-coated silver.


A rich variety of styles can be found in the earring group, and there are many more earrings than those found in the Oxus treasure. These earrings can be basically divided into two groups: simple items and elaborated items. The simple earrings are simply open loops, or those with small fasteners. The other group includes pendants in addition to the fasteners. There are more of the open loop form, and as there is no clear difference in period between the different styles of simple forms with small granules or rings for attaching pendants, it is hard to assign dates to these works. The works with small fittings for inlay or granulation are thought to date from the Hellenistic period. The majority of these earrings are made of silver with gold plating, and they were the work of skilled craftsmen.

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