• 3rd - 2nd century B.C.
  • Gold
Catalogue Entry

3rd‐2nd century B.C.
(a)H. 1.8 cm, W. 1.1 cm(b)H. 1.2 cm, W. 0.7 cm
cH. 1.6 cm, W. 0.9 cm(d)H. 1.9 cm, W. 1.1 cm
(e)H. 2.3 cm, W. 1.5 cm(f)H. 2.5 cm, W. 1.9 cm
(g)H. 2.9 cm, W. 2.0 cm(h)H. 2.8 cm, W. 1.8 cm
(i)H. 1.4 cm, W. 1.4 cm(j)H. 1.7 cm, W. 1.7 cm
(k)H. 2.3 cm, W. 1.7 cm(l)H. 2.6 cm, W. 1.9 cm
Bell a is decorated with granules and triangular inlays of glass paste. Bells b through e are undecorated, smoothly surfaced bells. Bells f through j are decorated with horizontal grooves. Bell h has some remaining glass paste inlay sections. Bell k is a square bell with vertical grooves and its lower edge decorated with a band of horseshoe-shaped inlays. Bell l has a rosette pattern with rounded tip petals. The clappers remain in bells c, e, g, and j.