• 4th - 2nd century B.C.
  • Agate, rock crystal, glass
Catalogue Entry

4th‐2nd century B.C.
Agate, rock crystal, glass
(a)H. 2.0 cm, W. 3.2 cm(b)H. 2.1 cm, W. 3.6 cm
cH. 2.4 cm, W. 3.2 cm(d)H. 2.3 cm, W. 4.7 cm
(e)H. 1.3 cm, W. 3.3 cm(f)H. 1.2 cm, W. 2.5 cm
(g)H. 1.0 cm, W. 1.3 cm(h)H. 2.1 cm, W. 1.9 cm
(i)H. 0.8 cm, W. 1.3 cm(j)H. 1.9 cm, W. 2.5 cm
(a) Agate bead, oval tubular forms are attached to each end.
(b), c Crystal beads
(d)-(f) Chalzedon or agate beads
(g) Hexagonally formed cylinder of pale green chalzedon
(h) Agate bead
(i), (j) Glass beads
Appliques and Brooches
Appliques and brooches were pieces of gold that were either sculpted or hammered into decorative designs and then either sewn onto garments or attached in some manner as decorative elements.