The Museum will be closed from December 12 through March 17, 2023.

The next exhibition will be held from March 18 through June 11, 2023.

Exhibitions Commemorating the Museum's 10th Anniversary:

Note: This exhibit has closed.

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Exhibition Term
September 1, 2007 - December 16, 2007
Miho Museum
Miho Museum
Kyoto Shimbun, Inc.


South Wing

Egypt-Quest for Eternal Paradise
West Asia- Faraway Paradise Paradise in Heaven Paradise on Earth Meeting of Eastern and Western Paradise
The World of the Mediterranean- Secret Ritual Leading to Paradise
South Asia-Eastern Advance of the Paradise Salvation in the Pure Land
Quest for Paradise
China- Paradise of Ritual and Music Guardians of Paradise Eternal Life and Paradise
China-The Internationalization of Paradise
Cnina/Paradise in auspicious patterns Persia/Paradise Vesselse Prsia/Promised Paradise

North Wing

Prayers of the ancients
Each in his or her own way, the people offered fervent prayers to the Buddha. / A world of gods
Koryo green and Yi Dynasty white
Quiet beauty is profound / Wabi, the taste for simplicity, passed down through generations of tea masters / Tea and Zen are of the same taste(cha-Zenichimi)

The spirit of Momoyama period - an era of creativity
Rimpa school: Masters of the decorative arts / Kenzan's idea of beauty: Agenius at enjoyment of Japanese and Chinese writihng on pottery