Exhibitions Commemorating the Museum's 10th Anniversary:

Note: This exhibit has closed.

Please note that this information pertains to an exhibition that has closed.


Exhibition Term
September 1, 2007 - December 16, 2007
Miho Museum
Miho Museum
Kyoto Shimbun, Inc.


South Wing

Egypt-Quest for Eternal Paradise
West Asia- Faraway Paradise Paradise in Heaven Paradise on Earth Meeting of Eastern and Western Paradise
The World of the Mediterranean- Secret Ritual Leading to Paradise
South Asia-Eastern Advance of the Paradise Salvation in the Pure Land
Quest for Paradise
China- Paradise of Ritual and Music Guardians of Paradise Eternal Life and Paradise
China-The Internationalization of Paradise
Cnina/Paradise in auspicious patterns Persia/Paradise Vesselse Prsia/Promised Paradise

North Wing

Prayers of the ancients
Each in his or her own way, the people offered fervent prayers to the Buddha. / A world of gods
Koryo green and Yi Dynasty white
Quiet beauty is profound / Wabi, the taste for simplicity, passed down through generations of tea masters / Tea and Zen are of the same taste(cha-Zenichimi)

The spirit of Momoyama period - an era of creativity
Rimpa school: Masters of the decorative arts / Kenzan's idea of beauty: Agenius at enjoyment of Japanese and Chinese writihng on pottery