The Miho Museum’s Original Products

Adding Beauty to Everyday Life

Miho Museum founder Mihoko Koyama appreciated having the time to value the little things of natural beauty found in everyday life, and beautifying the everyday objects you use to feed, clothe or house yourself can certainly raise your spirits.
Food preparation is perhaps the most important part of everyday life. The Miho Museum’s Peach Valley Restaurant and Pine View Tea Room use ingredients produced without using any agrochemicals, fertilizers or other additives. Only clean soil, water, sunlight and the love of the producers go into these ingredients. The appealing flavors that come from ingredients of abundant vital energy satisfy both the body and the spirit.
And just as with the food we put in our bodies, adding beauty to the sights, sounds and textures of the everyday objects we surround ourselves with can beautify us both in body and spirit. Click on the selections below to read about some of the choice items in our original product line. We hope your visit to the Miho Museum will serve as an opportunity to beautify your everyday surroundings.

Ingredients used in Peach Valley Restaurant and Pine View Tea Room